Return Policy

Product Return Policy upon resignation

The Company provides a Product Return Policy to the Distributor, who wills to resign from his/her Distributorship. Also the Company provides Product Return Policy to those Distributor’s who wants to return any product of the Company (FlabiaAyurveda Pvt. Ltd.), but here lies the criteria for the above mentioned statement for return of product(s) which are, products must be in good condition (useable, resalable, restock-able, unopened, unaltered & most important is the shelf life of the goods). Must have product invoice of those product where one’s will tend to return, & that product invoice should be from the date of purchase.

Upon approval for refund OR on any return, 10% of the cost of the product will deducted. And the remaining 90% will be refunded back.

The Product return Policy is designed to impose upon the sponsor and the Company’s obligation to ensure that the distributor is buying products wisely. Distributors are requested to buy products that they can reasonably sell within 30 days period.

Flabia Product Guarantee

Flabia (hereinafter called the Company) offer product’s of international quality to every customer. If the product purchased by the distributors or consumers are of inferior quality or with manufacturing defects, the Company guarantees replacement. However, this guarantee does not extend to damages or contamination due to expiry, negligence or deliberate act.

Flabia Product Return Policy

In case of any dissatisfaction, manufacturing or packaging defect, retail customers can return/exchange the product to/from the distributor from whom they had purchased the same, within 30 days from the date of purchase . They have to provide a written application having a valid and good reason which can return the said products along with the original customer’s order receipt copy. In case of retail customers, request for money refund or replacement of products, it is the distributor’s obligation to satisfy the customer’s need/criteria.

Thereafter, the distributor can exchange the products from the Company within 30 days from the date of issue of invoice and that invoice must be submitted at the time of exchange.

  • Product Return Form / QVR ( Quality Variation Report )
  • Reason for Return
  • Copy of Invoice
  • Copy of Customer Order Receipt
  • Products to be Returned
Flabia Sale , Marketing & Promotion Policy

The Company developed as follows it’s own policy for promotion, advertising, ‘ sale and marketing of this product. The Distributor’s services are only to implement such policy. Under no circumstances, Distributor’s are allowed to alter or formulate policies, However, Distributors and staff are encouraged to provide inputs and suggestion for the Company’s consideration. Company does not allow it’s products to be stored, displayed or sold in wholesale or retail outlets in public or private places. If such act occurs, every Distributor is requested to report for it along with the details of the liable Person/Distributors and its circumstances.

Sale and purchase of the Company’s products amongst Distributors and Staffs of the company is not permissible, upon detection of such act strict action shall be taken against the persons involved. Sale of products at price(s) and in packages other than the one’s determined and implemented by the Company is strictly prohibited. Acts of sale of products at price(s) other than the prescribed prices for competing with other Distributors or otherwise shall be seriously viewed; in such cases Company may terminate Distributorship of the person(s) found responsible for such act and forfeit their bonus entitlement / arrears.

Up line & Downline reporting policy

Though in general course of business, all distributors are expected to report to their Upline and guide their Downline as per mutual convenience and situational demands. All distributors are required to report ‘extra ordinary situations’ directly to the Company and seek guidance.

Distributors are not allowed to carry out their own promotion unless they have written approval from the Company for the same. The Company designs, prints, publishes and circulates product, plan and vision related literature for promotion, marketing and sales of its products. Distributors are not allowed to deviate there from. Under special circumstances, the Company may allow Distributor(s) to cause customized literature and / or advertisement. However for this purpose, interested Distributor(s) shall have to submit a detailed plan in advance to the Company for its approval. Unless written approval is given by the company, none can digress from the content of the company’s literature / policy for promotion, marketing and sales.

On expiry or termination of distributorship, the distributor shall remove and discontinue using Company’s sign, logo or any other representations, and also shall not use any name, sign, label, stationery & products, If the above condition is violated, the Company in its discretion may take legal re-course against the errant distributors.

Reward / Reconciliation / Vacancy policy

In case of vacancy in distributorship caused due to death ( with no heir / nominee ), and in cases of resignation, termination, cancellation, inactive distributorship, unclaimed distributorship of Gold and above, the Company shall auction the network linked with such vacancy amongst existing Gold Distributors or higher levels, resulting the highest bidder will get such network. The network so purchased will remain in its existing position in the line of sponsorship and shall be known as authorized distributorship business of the auction purchaser. Funds realized through aforesaid auction may be distributed amongst as per the Company’s guidelines as may be in vogue at the relevant point of time.

In case, the Company doesn’t get any buyer for the network linked with any vacant distributorship, an administrator will be appointed to conduct business of the network and to supervise the network efficiently. Only after that the Company is satisfied about smooth management and growth of such network amongst leaders who are working under the distributors, whose network was being administered, or in a manner which the Company feels will be in the best interest of Business. Company’s decision with regard to this policy will be final.

Flabia Communication Policy

Our corporate identity and stationery is fundamental to the way we communicate. It is the way we present ourselves to customers. These are our vital asset reflection, our brand image, unifying all our operations and providing a recognizable endorsement of quality. Our identity and stationery provides us with consistency and recognisability. But we must have the discipline to ensure that our corporate identity standards are maintained. It’s about ensuring the future reputation of our Company and it is a job that comes down to all of us. We have prepared a stationery template for you. This template is designed to help you to endorse the Flabia brand. It is recommended that a unifying corporate identity card of Flabia that can be used for all your business transactions. You must ensure that the font, type size, colours, spaces and other details are consistent with Flabia’s standard.

Flabia code of ethics

Distributors are required to observe the Flabia code of Ethics at all times. The Company reserves the right to terminate distributorship at any time for any violation. Upon enrollment, distributors are expected to pledge the following :

1 Distributor will follow the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the Flabia Business.

2 Distributor will present the Company’s marketing plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required for achieving success.

3 Distributor will not make any negative or disparaging remarks about the Company, its products, employees or any other people associated with company. He / She will be respectful to the Company’s norms as well as the direct selling Business.

4 Distributor will not retail the products of Flabia through retail outlets.

5 Distributor will not instigate, encourage, indulge or guide down lines for bonus rebate and refund of commission in order to become more competitive on pricing.

6 Distributor will strive to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the Company’s products and his / her service.

7 Distributor will not use the Company’s trade name(s), information, literature, advertising material, and gathering of people or any other resources including intellectual property, to introduce and promote interests of any entity other than the company.

8 Distributor’s will be abided by the Flabian’s distributor’s Rules and Regulations/Norms all time.

9 Distributor will not resort to any fraudulent act in promoting the Company’s business at the expense of the Company and fellow Distributors.

10 During continuation and thereafter, Distributor will not do anything that may adversely affect the Company and its reputation and business.