Where I can get the desired product of my choice?

Please visit our website and select your product. Place an online order and get your product door step delivery.

How can I get my product details?

Visit our website and find your product, click the link given below and get informed in details.

Is there any Discounted Price for that?

Yes, you can get the discount benefit if you’re registered with us, otherwise you have to buy on MRP.

How can I get my learning tools?

Please visit www.flabiaayurveda.com and click the button TOOLS FOR YOU and make download as per your preferred language.

For any other information to whom I would contact? / Who should I contact if I have a query?

Please contact our Customer Care No. 9674444400 and input desired extension no, then get your queries been answered or email at info@flabiafresh.com

How do I place my order?

Go to www.flabiafresh.com, to search product – Write the Product Name on SEARCHING BAR- Click SEARCH BUTTON- Confirm whether you are An Existing Distributor or Not-if yes, click YES-Input your ID &PASSWARD-Click SUBMIT- Appear CART- Put your all Selected Product with Quantity - Click CONTINUE SHOPPINGButton- Agree THE CONDITION- Confirm ADDRESS DETAILS-if Required, EDIT& SAVEAddress- Pay through Preferred OPTION- PAYAmount- Put Transaction ID&Put remark (if necessary)-submit

How can I modify my order after having placed it?

Go to the CART-Deselect your product- Modify the Product- Click CHECK BOX (left side of the product)- Modify the Quantity- Click UPDATEButton

If I want to Cancel my order?

From CART, Click CHECK BOX (left side of the product)- Click the CANCEL or DELETE Button

How can I get added myproduct on cart?


How will I know if order is placed successfully?

Aftersubmission of PAYMENTor COD option will be appeared in a Confirmation Pop Up, Click VIEW ORDER -Bill will appear

What Delivery options do you offer?

Pre-payment Option or COD (Cash On Delivery)

How I make my payment?

Google Pay,Phone Pay,PAYTMor NEFT or RTGS to the Flabiafresh Account

How can I change my delivery address?

When Address appears and Edit option comes out- make Edit

What’s the cancellation Policy?

We have zero cancellation policy for online option or COD option not tobe cancelled anymore, if product returned the carrying cost would be adjusted with your next bill or wallet.

What if my item arrives damaged?

If you find your product damaged, please contact our logistic department and send your courier receipt copy, bill copy and photo or video of damaged item (s) and measures will be taken properly and get your damaged return.

What is the Return Policy?

Please find the details of our Return Policy in our website and click ‘Refund Policy’.