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Our Story

FlabiaAyurveda was bought into life by a renowned Ayurvedic Doctor-cum-Industrialist Dr. Shib Prasad Goswain in 2014. Within a short span of time the organization extended its wings throughout many States in India and today we are present in close to 22 states across India with a annual turnover of 50 Crore plus.

Ayurveda has undisputed immense effect on human life. It is used in daily rituals of cleansing and purifying the body through herbs and oils. Our products are formulated and manufactured through age old Ayurvedic recipes with the combination of the finest grade of herbal plant extracts with antioxidants, rich in vitamins & essential oils. We supply the best quality of Ayurvedic food supplements while using centuries of old wisdom and traditions of Ayurveda through the application of latest science and upgraded technology. We believe in providing the best which Mother Nature offers.

Our products are natural food supplement and are not to be considered as medicines. They are suggested according to the need of the customers.

In today’s economy, unemployment being the biggest challenge, FlabiaAyurveda chose direct selling distribution method to offer common people a healthy source of earning. Also anyone can become part of the business full-time or part-time easily and earn through the distribution of the products directly to consumers. Our sales commission model is the best in the industry and is recognized as an unchallenged proposition against all our competitors.

Our company’s management is young, dynamic and experienced through various aspects of the industry. To avoid any reluctance in services, we have in-house production, design, IT and R&D teams. Our focus on increasing 360 degree Client Experience (Vendor – Associate – Consumer) has made us one of the most trusted brands in the market. Our team’s leave no stones unturned to get the targets it has set for itself.

We are the first direct sales company in India with its own R&D and manufacturing unit which produces close to 48% of products in-house. With the best in class Quality Control measures in place, we ensure the products deliver the results which they promise. Our continuous innovation in terms of developing new products and enhancing the power of existing one, keeps us miles ahead in the industry.

We have successfully completed 6 years in the industry and showed a spectacular growth rate of 93% CAGR. Our constant focus on empowering more and more members to join the industry is on a spree. We are constantly in search of ways to reach the masses and help them achieve their dreams to access basic amenities and go beyond.

It wasn’t easy to become the best brand in just 5 years competing with some of the oldest brands which are in the industry for more than a decade now. We have just started and we wish to extend our sincere thanks to each one of those who wished well for us.

We promise, we won’t stop, no matter how hard is the road ahead. With the support and love of our well wishers, we will become the brand of the nation soon.

Flabia Group

Our Journey


We Started

FlabiaAyurveda came into life with launching first set of 20 products in Health Care category and a well researched business plan for direct sales distribution.


A step ahead

A year has completed and we received fantastic response from the market with demands to enhance our product portfolio. We ventured in 3 more categories (Personal Care, Beauty Care and Agro Care) with another set of 30+ products making our portfolio become 50+ overall products.


Brand Recognition

We were able to get our brand recognized in the industry as a Direct Sales Company with recommendations from industry leading authorities. Our portfolio has now crossed over 100+ products and we were able to introduce another category of Food and Beverage.


A big leap

From generating Lakhs in a month revenue, we crossed the Crore benchmark and kept it steady for close to 2 quarters and with no signs of slowing down. We now have fully functional branches across different stated in India.


On our Own

It was time when we offer more than what we commit to our consumers hence Flabia Herbal came in life which is a in-house manufacturing unit with more than 30+ in-house products researched and developed. The idea was to ensure our consumers get uncompromised quality of products. We also launched 2 more categories Cosmetics and Veterinary Care and the product portfolio crossed 200+ products.


Steady Growth & Appreciation

With the fluctuating market conditions and rise of mushrooming competitors it was a tough time for Flabia however it never stopped and successfully bagged the Best Brand of 2019 Award by International Marketing Congress. It was time to re-look and re-fresh our strategies and now we are moving to make the best strategies to see the exponential growth in coming years.

In 2020

A unique year with great learnings!

The year 2020 has been a serious test of our patience, intelligence, determination and courage. As an essential service provider, our teams have been working undeterred at all our network management locations in the pandemic environ, to ensure uninterrupted products supply to our members. As we end of this eventful and challenging year, we can confidently say that as a team we have emerged much stronger and wiser

Flabia Group

The Young Leaders

Dr. Shib Prasad Goswain
Managing Director

Dr. Shib Prasad Goswain turned to an entrepreneur from Doctor through the introduction of FlabiaAyurveda with a strong vision to bring innovative ideas in the business since 2014, in the arena of direct selling.

Being an M.D, it is his brain child which has started to run from the phase of crawling to standing. Through the application of direct selling concept his vision is to enrich every people by strengthening their own income, generating tangible & intangible assets and acquiring great wealth at zero risk through minimal financial commitment.

An awesome combination of highly integrated marketable research products with target based business plan is an outstanding formula for the achievement of his successful business. Dr. Shib Prasad Goswain, through the combination of enriched business acumen and excellent leadership skills has developed a great name and a brand in the business community in India.

His education & learning about conceptualization, planning, designing, monitoring and successful implementation of projects related to health care, hygiene, beauty & personal care along with agro products claim a path redefining concept in this world of modern business model on herbal products. Holding an enormous experience in the industry of direct selling, he has contributed his worth by adding new changes & new facets into the approach towards the Industry.

Dr. Shib Prasad Goswain has an effective measurement about the creation of new business opportunities from new customers by mutual cooperation of both. He has always believed in going to the depth of customer requirements with innovative thoughts and high-end solutions to achieve their desired goals and specifications. Since he has stepped into this field he provides feasible and to the point solutions. Under his strong leadership, FlabiaAyurveda has been striving not only to achieve number one position but also to maintain for a longer period in this conglomerate.

Mrs. Chandrima Goswain

Smt. Chandrima Goswain is the 2nd Director and is actively involved in supporting the vision of Flabia to empower the community to be able to self dependent through direct selling.

She has contributed her authentic visionary and more than a decade experience in terms of training and development to strengthen the power by stretching the hands of cooperation, started the same venture from the year 2014 onwards.

Her special focus is on guiding, motivating and strengthening the women entrepreneurs who wants to take direct selling as their career. She is a role model for all the Flabians for her honest and genuine approach. She is extremely humble, well informed and extremely tolerant and adaptive towards any adverse situation.

As a Director Mrs. Goswain has a deep understanding of the challenges about building an ethical business from a director perspective. Her invaluable insight & authentic business development skills are the core effectiveness in FlabiaAyurveda’s customer relations and motivational enhancement.

Flabia Group

Trust Matters

Flabia in a short span of time has acquired all the required certifications from the most reputed and trusted organizations to ensure our consumers and direct sellers stay in full confidence when they hold our products. To empower the product line below are the certificates we have at our possession.